Digital leakage localization and pipe burst predictions

Localize Leakages
Predict Bursts

Use of existing hardware and sensors

We integrate already existing hardware into the leakage localization and thus minimize initial investment costs.

Analysis of existing data

First we calculate how precise a leakage can be localized using already exisiting sensors. If there is a need for higher precision, we determine the location and type of additional sensors that are required and thus minimize investment costs.

Digital Twin

We build a digital twin using existing GIS-data to simulate your operating network and connect the real world with the digital data.

Smart Algorithms

Our machine-learning algorithms analyze the sensor data in real-time. We notify about changes within the network and detect leakages in real-time.

Precise localization

As soon as a leak occurs, our different algorithms begin to localize the leakage. Each data point narrows down the leakage area and allows us to localize the leak with the highest precision.

Predictive Maintenance

Analyzing sensor data over a period of time allows to monitor the networks’ real-time status and predict when and where pipes are going to burst.

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